COMPANY - Digital Archiving Clients - Presidential Office

The institution
A Presidential Office in the Middle East. 

The challenge
The purpose of this project was to have all content of the main events of the country´s history, related to the Presidential Office, available in digital format. Before digitizing, the original archives consisted of several kilometers of shelf space.

The solution
The digital archive was especially created for the Presidential Office and contains the complete history of the Presidential Office. The archive contains about 2 million documents, 30,000 hours of video, 10,000 hours of audio and 50,000 pictures. The new digital library enables a highly efficient searching and retrieval process for the Presidential Office Staff, in both English and Arabic.

The total configuration consists of 50 workstations for document scanning, audio/video encoding and database indexing. All the data is transmitted over a fiber network to a central sever and finally stored on a 100 Terabytes digital archive, which is replicated on a remote site for disaster recovery purposes.

DAX Archiving Solutions was awarded this prestigious project thanks to its specialization in building large multi-media digital archives and its ability to offer a total and tailor-made solution which perfectly satisfied the customer´s requirements.

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