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Spaarne Ziekenhuis in the Netherlands is a full-service hospital with 455 beds, 120 physicians and 600 nurses who are responsible for looking after 18,000 patients with an estimated 300,000 visits every year.

The Challenge
Spaarne Ziekenhuis was the first hospital in the Netherlands using a hospital wide electronic patient record. For minimal invasive procedures, they wanted digital archiving as well.

As the hospital expanded, a multi-disciplinary project team was formed with the objective of forming digital operating rooms. The creation, storage and access to video archives were part of this project.

When asked which part of the procedures were needed to store exactly, the members of the project team agreed upon “everything”. Furthermore, the workflow had to be simple and intuitive in order to facilitate easy access to the video archives.

Digital images need to be integrated into the electronic patient record. Video integration was not possible as the current PACS did not support video yet. Only a few groups of specialists (e.g. gynaecologists) use video for diagnostic and legal archiving. 

The Solution
The Medical Video Archive Solution provides an easy and cost-effective solution for archiving and retrieving all patients imaging data captured in the OR.  It enables sharing of all video and imaging data captured by the Smith and Nephews’ 660 HD Image Management Systems. It offers immediate availability of surgical images and videos after the procedure throughout the hospital network.

Permanent archival storage takes place on Blu-ray discs that are kept in a library. Each disc has a duplicate that is archived on an off-site shelve location for disaster recovery.

Main benefits of the archive solution are:

• Infinite and automated video archive enabling the capturing of entire procedures.
• One-button workflow linked to the OR planning system.
• Automatic generation of short video clips at photo instances.
• Automatic generation of lo-res thumbnails and video’s facilitating remote browsing. 
• Random and easy access throughout the archive by means of a web browser, linked to patient files. 
• Cost-efficient standardised technology has been used to create a flexible but customized solution

Video archiving guarantees enhanced quality of the whole minimal invasive health care process that we provide. Even though our hospital is currently leading in our medical video archive solution, to me it is only a matter of time before regulations will demand this type of archiving from each and every hospital.
Mark Hans Emanuel, Gynaecologist, Spaarne Ziekenhuis

I used to record my minimal invasive surgeries using my own equipment. Now I only need to log on to the network and I can browse immediately to a specific operation. The new system assures optimum quality and has improved our patient after care after surgery for high risk procedures.
Quirijn Eijsbouts, General Surgeon, Spaarne Ziekenhuis

We started by carrying out a Proof-Of-Concept pilot project where DAX paid attention to all our wishes.  The actual implementation went very smoothly and did not lead to interruptions of our workflow.
Femmy Muller, Manager OR, Spaarne Ziekenhuis
DAX appears to be an excellent partner to effectively discuss and implement new hospital wishes and requirements. We were able to integrate the whole video archiving solution into our existing IT infrastructure. For medical legal purposes, it appears to be a beneficial solution.
Hugo Spruijt, Clinical Physicist, Spaarne Ziekenhuis

Any customer that uses our automated image capturing systems will sooner or later need to archive all the recorded videos. This project offers exactly that. Store videos and disclose them from the archives easily and on a very cost-effective basis.
Ad Lindeman, Project Manager, Smith & Nephew

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